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    National Credit Masters has set the industry standard as a reputable organization that is built on a foundation of integrity, character and an exceptional commitment to obtaining the best results possible for each of our clients.

    Our Company was Founded to help the many Americans that were deceived by the countless Lenders and Financial Institutions and now find themselves with Imperfect Credit as a Result, and I feel that consumers deserve a second chance. Life can sometimes be a matter of circumstance of which we do not always have control and given the recent downturn of our Economy the lack of steady Employment has hurt so many . The credit industry has a tendency to feed on this circumstance, making it difficult for your average consumer to repair their current situation. When you’re down everything seems to work against you hindering you from getting back up. I was a victim of circumstance myself losing almost everything when the Housing market crashed. You see I was a Loan Officer then a  Mortgage Broker and our Industry did not receive a bailout like the Banks did. Instead, we were blamed for their greed. This led me to the industry of credit restoration.

    Every person at National Credit Masters is dedicated to our client’s future. Our goals are the same as yours—we want you to succeed. Our Director of Operations, with a wealth of knowledge as it relates to the credit industry and the laws that govern us, works closely with your Consultant in the early stage of your process, assisting them as they work with the guidelines of our Multi-Stage Method—a system designed to be flexible since no two people have the same credit; therefore no two files can be worked the same. As you move into Phase One of the process, you will receive the personal attention and care of our Client Service Division. Your Client Service Rep, with their “hands on” approach to service, will assist you with any questions or concerns you have throughout the restoration process. At the conclusion of your six month restoration process, we offer you the opportunity to visit with an advisor who will help you to understand how to move forward and continue to improve your financial future.

    Dedicated to your success and a sound financial future,


    Daniel Brenes


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