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    The National Credit Masters Method

    Your Situation is Unique

    Our personalized approach to  Credit Repair  utilizes a powerful range of tools designed to address your special requirements - and insure that you get the results you deserve. Whether you need to clean up your credit reports, rebuild your credit, or boost your credit scores, we offer an appropriate and efficient solution.

    1. Customized Disputes

    Everything about the dispute process contributes to its effectiveness. Our customized dispute letters are crafted with an informed respect for the procedures employed by the credit bureaus, and honed by twenty years of experience.

    2. Customized Re-Disputes

    If the information that we have challenged is verified by the credit bureaus we do not simply send the same dispute letter again. We create a suitable and customized response designed to maximize the likelihood of success.

    3. Statute of Limitation Research

    Prior to disputing a collection account we will check the statute of limitation for the debt. The status of the statute of limitation will determine our options, allow us to pursue the best course of action, and avoid triggering new and unwanted collection activity.

    4. FICO Score Recommendations

    Credit score optimization may entail opening accounts, closing accounts, reducing balances, and a myriad of other subtle adjustments. We will identify your score optimization opportunities and email you the recommendations you need to make your credit repair a great success.

    "I can't tell you how happy I am! The results that you have gotten for me in the last three months are beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful!-Dino G."